BlackBerry Work – Securely Mobilize Your Business

Experience Business-Class Email and Collaboration

Make your mobile workforce more productive, while keeping your company’s data secure – regardless of device. BlackBerry® Work (formerly known as Good Work), built on the BlackBerry® Dynamics platform, is a better way to mobilize your business, with extended capabilities not otherwise found in native email, calendar and contacts. Communicate faster, collaborate more effectively, and speed up the pace of decision-making.

Business-Class Email for Maximum Productivity

Securely access business email. View, send and edit attachments. Be instantly notified of key messages, manage your inbox with smart folders and more. Do everything you can from a desktop and more on a mobile device.

Personal and Shared Calendar Management

Easily manage your calendar with business-class capabilities. Manage and schedule meetings, check availability, attach files to invites, and quickly join conference calls and web conferences. Manage shared calendars alongside your personal calendars. Effectively coordinate schedules to stay on top of important business meetings and avoid delays. Never miss a meeting again.

Document Access and Editing

Access documents while on the go from native Office Web Apps, Sharepoint, or other popular cloud storage options within the app. View, edit, and convert documents to PDF straight from your device. With a full desktop experience on mobile, you will never need to go back to a PC to manage critical business documents. React immediately and complete document workflows with a couple of taps.

Quick, Seamless Navigation Across All Your Business Apps

Switch quickly and easily between email, calendar, contacts and other business apps using the BlackBerry Launcher—a single business desktop on the go. Everything can be accessed with one tap, without the hassle of finding key business apps in a stack of personal apps. Get work done faster, and more efficiently.