BlackBerry UEM: Securing Your Enterprise from a Single Console

As security shifts from the network of computers to the network of endpoints, IT managers and traditional security software players are scrambling to keep up. Today’s enterprise networks are both expansive and rapidly growing, with laptop and desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones, wearables, and an emerging tsunami of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. To address this new security landscape, IT needs a centralized, unified approach to endpoint management – one that doesn’t add complexity or extra work for already-overburdened IT professionals.

BlackBerry UEM: An Evolutionary Step in Endpoint Management and A Complete Solution for Secure Enterprise Productivity

Key Enhancements with BlackBerry UEM

If you’re an existing BES12 or Good Dynamics customer, you can be assured of a seamless upgrade to BlackBerry UEM, which updates our existing BES12 solution. BlackBerry UEM offers a number of new features, including:

  • BlackBerry Dynamics management via the BlackBerry UEM console enables unified user, group, policy, compliance, and app management.
  • BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service support for BlackBerry Work (formerly known as Good Work) streamlines Exchange ActiveSync access.
  • App catalog enhancements include app ratings and reviews to simplify end user app discovery, as well as the ability to access the UEM app catalog directly from the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher.
  • Activation type-specific passwords provide greater flexibility for enabling endpoints with different ownership models. This feature enables users to self-enroll corporate or personal devices with the appropriate activation type for each device.
  • Continued iOS enhancements include Lost mode to remotely lock and locate devices, Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) marking to configure apps with prioritized access to Wi-Fi networks, Managed Safari domains to simplify intranet access for users, enrollment via Apple Configurator for devices that are not enabled for Apple DEP support, support for AppConfig schema to simplify app deployment (BlackBerry is a member of the App Config Community), and app whitelisting/blacklisting for supervised devices.
  • Android for Work Accounts support removes the requirement for the creation of a Google domain for Android for Work. Enrollment will require only a username and activation password.
  • Expanded IT policy support for Android for Work, including the ability to manage a password for the Android for Work profile, independent of the device, for enhanced workspace protection.
  • BlackBerry Secure Gateway support for IBM Traveler extends secure native email for iOS MDM devices in IBM Domino environments.
  • Regulated enhancements include SMS, MMS, and Call Logging for corporate-liable Android for Work and Knox Workspace devices, as well as the ability to deploy BlackBerry UEM in a “dark site” configuration for specific government and high-security scenarios in which external connectivity is prohibited (supported for Samsung Knox Workspace and BlackBerry 10).

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